Frequently Asked Questions: Participants

How do I sign-up to participate in research studies and get paid for my opinions?

Simple, if you are 18 or older, you just need to complete our sign-up form…it takes less than a minute. Then we will send you an email (to the address you provide on the sign-up form) to confirm that you want to participate in our research studies. If you do, we will provide you with instructions to login to our Participant Portal where we will ask you to provide some additional information about yourself...Takes about 10 minutes. Then, we’ll call you and/or send you emails when we have studies that look like they could be a good fit for you. If convenient for you, respond to our calls and emails, as the more questions you answer for us, the more we know about you and the better we can find a study that fits for you.  If you do qualify for one of our studies, we’ll invite you to come and share your opinions.  And if you come and share your opinions, we’ll pay you for your time!  Our goal is to find the products and services you care about, and then find the client that is looking to talk to you. If you are under 18, please have your parents or legal guardian fill out the form.

What kind of information do you ask me to give about myself?

There are about 10 minutes of questions, mostly demographic (age, gender, etc.), purchase questions (i.e. what types of products you buy), where you buy stuff, medical conditions, etc.. We will never ask you for your social security number, bank account information or other sensitive data. The questions are what our clients need to know to find people to participate in their research studies…not everything, but a lot of it. Then, as we screen you for specific studies, we’ll learn more about you and be able to find a study that’s right for you.

If I fill out your membership form, will you sell my information?

Nope…never.  We guarantee that.

How do you protect the information that I give you about myself?

Two things: One, we store your information on secure servers with secure socket layering (SSL) and password protection, hosted by professional server companies that protect really important data for banks, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Two, all of our employees sign legal agreements swearing that if they give your information away, they risk criminal prosecution. We take protecting your information seriously, because it is the lifeblood of our business.

If I participate in your studies, are you going to try to sell me something?  I’m not going to be asked to buy make up, cleaning products or candles am I? 

No sales. Ever. We are in the research business - we connect our clients with people that care about their products and services. We don’t sell you anything, and our clients don’t sell you anything. If you’re recruited to participate in one of our studies, it's because our client really wants to hear what you have to say and values your time. In return for your time and opinions, you get paid. Simple as that.

So if I do one of your studies, I’ll get paid for it? 

Yes, always.

How much will I get paid and how much time does it take?

Every study is different, but a typical study pays $50-$75 per hour and takes 1-2 hours. If the study is related to your work, the pay is usually more. When we contact you about a particular study, first, we will ask you questions online or over the phone to see if you qualify for the study - this process usually takes a few minutes. If you qualify, you will be told how much the study will pay and how much of your time it involves. If you’re not interested in a study we discuss with you, or the timing is bad, that’s ok - just tell us and we’ll call you again another time.

Is there a way to improve my chances of participating?

Yes, we recommend watching this video. It takes less than 4 minutes but tells you everything that you can do to improve your chances of us connecting you with the right study. In general, the more current your information, the more emails from us that you respond to, and the more calls that you take from us to answer our questions, the more we will learn about you, which helps us match you with studies more quickly. Once you have signed up with us, you will be given an account in our secure Participant Portal. Keep your account current (especially your contact information) and be engaged by responding to our emails and calls...That’s the best advice to improve your chances of participating.

What companies do this type of research?

Just about everyone. Why? Because it’s the best way to hear “the voice of the customer.” As our world becomes more complex and relationships between companies and their customers becomes more personal - think about technology and how that has made us so much more connected - hearing what customers think becomes that much more important. And it's not just companies that sell things: Lawyers want to hear how you would rule if you were on a jury trial, government agencies want to hear how they can improve their services (honest…), publishers want to speak with teachers about their textbooks and how to make them better, pharmaceutical companies want to speak with physicians and other healthcare professionals to better understand what they prescribe and why.

Will I know who the research is for?

Probably not. Most companies keep that private, as they don’t want to bias your opinion. And privacy is at the heart of what L&E does - both your privacy, and the privacy of our clients. We like to think of ourselves as the Switzerland of marketing research: We facilitate getting the right people in the room and providing a safe setting for ideas to be exchanged and learning to happen. And the cool part of it is, you’re the teacher, with no test or preparation, because it's your opinion companies care about!

How will I know whether the person calling, or the email I get, is really from L&E?

Good question. Unfortunately, there are people with bad intentions who will try to get your personal information by pretending to be someone or something they're not, including people who will pretend they are from L&E. You should always be wary of giving out any personal information unless you are certain of who you are speaking to... So here are a few tips to ensure you’re talking to us:

  • If you receive a message from a recruiter about a study, log in to the Participant Portal and click on the Recent Activity tab. If the message is from L&E you will normally see an entry in the section labeled "Other Studies We've Recently Tried to Reach You About" that a recruiter has attempted to reach you and left a message. You will also find information there for how to reach us if you are interested in participating in that study.  
  • Are they asking for sensitive information, like bank account numbers or social security numbers? That's definitely not us. We would never ask you for that information.

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