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Focus GroupWe often list some of the projects for which we are currently recruiting.  Using the "Current Project" tabs to the left, please  choose the most appropriate location for you. To be considered for one of these research studies, click on the project link and fill in the information that is requested.

We appreciate your interest. If we do not contact you, please do not be discouraged. Our clients ask that our recruits meet certain criteria and if your responses are not what our clients are looking for, you may not receive a call from us. Please keep checking our Current Projects page for new and interesting projects.

If you are already a member of our database, please login to make responding to projects much simpler.

If you are NOT in our database, click here to sign up. Thank you.

Please note: in order to ensure the security of your data and to conform to market research best practices, all participants will be required to provide a valid drivers license or other photo ID that includes your date of birth upon check-in for your study. This information must match the information in our database, in turn the information we will have for you at check-in. Otherwise, you cannot be paid for your study. If you have any concerns with this policy, please notify the Recruiter when you speak to them about study participation. Thank you.

Raleigh and Charlotte - Pregnancy

We are currently looking for women in RALEIGH and CHARLOTTE North Carolina - age 18-44 years who are between 8 weeks and 30 weeks for an online 2 phase web survey. One phase will be completed during your pregnancy, and one phase about a month after your baby is born. Qualified participants will compensated for their time and opinions. Please reply with your pregnancy stage (weeks) and where you plan to have your baby (home, hospital, etc.) , and your Due date. Thank you!

Real Estate

We are currently looking for men and women between the ages of 25 and 64 in the Raleigh area who have recently bought or sold or are planning to purchase or sell a home in the near future. Please respond with the following information: 1. When you purchased/sold or plan to purchase/sell. 2. If you used, or plan to use a real estate agent. 3. Which, if any, online resources you used. Thank you!

Intimate Apparel

Raleigh – We are looking for women, ages 18-54, to participate in an upcoming Market Research project. Qualified participants will be compensated between $100 & $125 for approximately 90 minutes of your time and opinions. When responding, please let us know if you wear any of these brands of bras; Just my size, Hanes, Maiden Form, Barely There, Bali, Fruit of the Loom, Bestform, Ambrielle, Curvation or Playtex. Which stores do you shop for your bras; Target, Walmart, JCP, Kohls, Macy’s, Dillards, etc.? Lastly, please respond with your current bra size. Thank you!

Automotive Accessories

Durham, NC: We are seeking men and women who have purchased additional accessories for their automobiles in the last five years. Examples include items like car seat covers, floor mats, truck bed liners, stereos, etc. If this sound like you, please respond with the following information: 1). Model year of automobile, 2). Accessories purchased and 3). Where accessories where purchased. Thank you!


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