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Medical Recruiting

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Calm Amid The Storm

No industry is changing faster, more radically, and causing more anxiety than healthcare. In whichever part of the healthcare industry you find yourself, you are dealing with a lot. Finding the right research partner shouldn’t be part of that.

Recruiting is where L&E shines, and medical recruiting is one of our specialties.

Dedicated Healthcare Research Team

We created a dedicated Healthcare Research team because we understand Healthcare research is a different animal and we know how to handle it. Whether you’re conducting regional studies or complex national trials, we’re here to support you. L&E’s dedicated Healthcare Research team provides you with both medical professional and patient population services that can be conducted either virtually or in person at our research facilities.

Clinical Research Support Services

  • Human Factors Studies: Gain insight into how patients actually use your product
  • Label Comprehension Studies: Learn whether your patients understand the correct way to use your product
  • Virtual Meetings: Engage with colleagues and clients worldwide using our state-of-the-art video conferencing, recording and streaming services

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