Executive Team

Tracy Isacco Headshot
Tracy Isacco


Belinda Watkins Headshot
Belinda Watkins

Director of Software Development

Client Solutions Team

Heidi Garinger headshot
Heidi Garinger

Director of Client Solutions

Lisa Celedonia headshot
Lisa Celedonia

Client Solutions Associate

Jen Ferrell headshot
Jen Ferrell

National Account Executive

Kelli Hammock headshot
Kelli Hammock

Strategic Communications Director

Donna Havens headshot
Donna Havens

National Account Executive

Mary Hayes headshot
Mary Hayes

Strategic Partnership Executive

Scott Johnson headshot
Scott Johnson

Strategic Account Executive

Tilton Lee Headshot
Tilton Lee

Senior National Account Executive

Angela Permon headshot
Angela Permon

Client Solutions Associate – SPE Support

Jason Reed headshot
Jason Reed

Senior National Account Excecutive 

On-Site Operations Team

David Mize headshot
David Mize

Director of Onsite Operations

Josh Bradley headshot
Josh Bradley

Facilities AV & Zoom Technical Manager

Joseph Brinson headshot
Joseph Brinson

Client Services Manager – Charlotte

Brent Burington headshot
Brent Burington

Client Services Manager – Columbus

Rachel Carson headshot
Rachel Carson

Client Operations Manager / Client Services Manager – Tampa

Fara Faz headshot
Fara Faz

Client Services Manager – New York

Simon Nakatani headshot
Simon Nakatani

Virtual Facility & Facilities AV Manager

Becky Parham headshot
Becky Parham

Client Services Manager – Raleigh

Tom Sampson headshot
Tom Sampson

Client Services Manager – Denver

Trenny Selfridge headshot
Trenny Selfridge

Client Services Manager – Cincinnati

Project Management Team

Sara McEntyre headshot
Sara McEntyre

Director of Operations

April Leonard headshot
April Leonard

Director of Medical Operations

Lindsay Haneline Headshot
Lindsay Haneline

Project Director

Traci O'Rourke headshot
Traci O'Rourke

Senior Project Manager

Sarah Caldwell  headshot
Sarah Caldwell

Project Manager

Tara Gamble headshot
Tara Gamble

Project Manager

Jackie Martinez headshot
Jackie Martinez

Project Manager

Julie McGuigan headshot
Julie McGuigan

Project Director

Tracy Hyder headshot
Tracy Hyder

Account Manager

Mariah Freesen headshot
Mariah Freesen

Senior Project Manager

Alex Graziano headshot
Alex Graziano

Senior Project Manager

Dawn Eagleson headshot
Dawn Eagleson

Project Manager

Johnny Larson headshot
Johnny Larson

Project Manager

Nancy Lopez  headshot
Nancy Lopez

Project Manager

Molly Samuels headshot
Molly Samuels

Project Director

Kelly Thompson headshot
Kelly Thompson

Account Manager

Cyndi White headshot
Cyndi White

Senior Project Manager

Denise Chiu headshot
Denise Chiu

Project Manager

Jaimee Docherty headshot
Jaimee Docherty

Project Manager

Gabrielle Marcum headshot
Gabrielle Marcum

Project Manager

Kyle Pierce Headshot
Kyle Pierce

Project Manager

Sheila Danhoff headshot
Sheila Danhoff

Project Director

Jen Jump headshot
Jen Jump

Account Manager

Kris Powers headshot
Kris Powers

Senior Project Manager

Emily Cattell headshot
Emily Cattell

Project Manager

Tiffany Gartin headshot
Tiffany Gartin

Project Manager

Marie Ortloff Headshot
Marie Ortloff

Medical Operations Director

Susan Bayer Headshot
Susan Bayer

National Medical Account Executive

Joy Cupstid headshot
Joy Cupstid

Medical Project Manager

Chanette Deans headshot
Chanette Deans

Medical Project Manager

Kristie Martin headshot
Kristie Martin

Medical Project Manager

Toni Pierce  headshot
Toni Pierce

Medical Project Manager 

Sandi Kozar  headshot
Sandi Kozar

Medical Market Research Community Liaison

Jessica Caldwell headshot
Jessica Caldwell

Medical Operations Director

Matt Johnson headshot
Matt Johnson

National Medical Account Executive 

Brent Lallish headshot
Brent Lallish

Senior Medical Project Manager

Danielle Brown Headshot
Danielle Brown

Medical Project Manager

Becky Goffe Headshot
Becky Goffe

Medical Project Manager / Healthcare Specialist

Jessica Ossege headshot
Jessica Ossege

Medical Project Manager

Heather White Headshot
Heather White

Medical Project Manager

Community Engagement Team

Angela Steed headshot
Angela Steed

Director of Recruiting, DB Development & Programming

Hayley Goren headshot
Hayley Goren

Member Development Officer

Amanda Roush headshot
Amanda Roush

Programming Manager

Angelique Williams headshot
Angelique Williams

Recruitment Operations Manager

Corporate Services

April Collier headshot
April Collier

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Mike Crolla headshot
Mike Crolla

IT Director

Ruby Collier headshot
Ruby Collier

Finance and Human Resources Manager

Steven Perkins headshot
Steven Perkins

Senior Engineer