Josh Bradley

Facilities AV & Zoom Technical Manager

Loyality & Enthusiastic

I am from Norwood, Ohio and I joined the team at L&E in 2014, although I’ve been in Market Research since 2006. I enjoy what I do every day because I like providing “behind the scenes” support to the company to ensure research is flawless.

Outside of work I like road trips to new places, camping listening to music, going to concerts, visiting museums and watching horror movies.

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Insights About Me:
My favorite food is pepperoni, sausage, mushroom pizza!
Something interesting about me is I am a huge Blues fan. I’ve played harmonica for over 15 years and was a Blues Brother impersonator.
If I had a superpower I would have the ability to be invisible.
Ask me about…my record collection! I started collecting vinyl a couple years ago and haven’t been able to listen to music any other way since.
One of my guilty pleasures I fruity candy, like Gummy Bears.