Kelli Hammock

Strategic Communications Director

Levelheaded & Efficient

I am from Gallatin, Tennessee and currently reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I attended Middle Tennessee State University and received a degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Photography.

I’ve been with L&E since 2019, but I’ve been in market research since 2005. I love what I do because our work influences the way brands market to the customer, so when I see an ad, it’s fun to think that I played a small role in the content or process behind-the-scenes.

Outside of work I love work on complex and intricate board games, simulation and strategy video games, and jigsaw puzzles. Ask Me About… Why you should adopt not shop! There are way too many lonely dogs and cats that need your love and a home. Save an animal that needs a home (shelters have puppies & kittens, too!) by rescuing, not buying from a breeder or store. Plus, older pets have so much love to give. Help control the pet population and get your pets spayed and neutered!

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Insights About Me:
If you had a superpower it would be teleportation (with the ability to teleport myself and others) so I can be in any place in the world by simply thinking about it.
When I was little I wanted to be a Writer, a Veterinarian, or a Teacher.
My favorite food is Sushi, Seafood, and Steak if I’m going to treat myself, or Cheese for any occasion.
It would be impossible for me to give up cooking & baking – I love trying out new recipes, and have an arsenal of kitchen tools and gadgets to help me along.
One of my guilty pleasures is disaster movies, usually the really bad ones (and aren’t they all), and binging Television shows, usually the really good ones.