Ruby Collier

Finance and HR Administrative Assistant

Loyal & Encourager

I was a former teacher and children’s ministry volunteer and received so much joy in seeing them grow and learn. I also enjoy working with members of the older generation. I feel we can learn so much from the wisdom they’ve gained and can share with others.

I’ve always loved puzzles, and working in accounts payable and accounts receivable brings daily puzzles to put together and spreadsheets to balance. I love helping people, so human resources is a great way to do that on a daily basis.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, cooking, and watching good movies are pasttimes that I enjoy. And I always love spending time with my children!

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Insights About Me:
If I had a superpower, I'd want to be able to transport myself anywhere at any time!
When I was little, I always thought I would be a nurse
My favorite food is Mexican food!
It would be impossible for me to live without my church family
Most people don't know that I love plants, but can't keep them alive!
One of my guilty pleasures is cake of any kind