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JR Venza

Director of Client Solutions

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Levelheaded & Effective

My hometown is Bel Air, Maryland, but I have spent equal time in 3 states including Nebraska and Georgia. I currently call Suwanee, GA home with my wife, 2 kids and 1 perfect labradoodle. I attended the University of Nebraska and I am a die-hard HUSKER. My son is now a second generation Nebraska grad, which makes me extremely proud. I am what we call in the industry a Lifer. While I’ve only been with L&E since 2019, I have been in market research for 30 years with experience in interviewing, programming, design, analysis, moderation and sales. I still wake up every day excited to get to work in an industry that I love and believe in.

I enjoy what I do at L&E because our industry provides us a unique opportunity to constantly meet amazing people, and always learn something new. Whether that is testing a product concept, adopting a new technology to help us do our job better or learning why people accept or reject new ideas. It’s never the same thing twice.

Insights About Me:

  • My favorite food is BBQ and all the fixins.
  • When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a professional baseball player for the Orioles.
  • One thing most people don’t know about me is I am dizzingly afraid of heights.
  • It would be impossible for me to give up..UGH embarrassingly my phone.
  • One of my guilty pleasures is a good Coconut Porter and food trucks.

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