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Kaitlin Plave

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Lively & Empathetic

I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and call Denver, CO home now. I earned my degree in Sociology and Linguistics from Northeastern University and have been in the market research industry since 2013 and with L&E since 2019.

I enjoy what I do at L&E because I think human behavior is fascinating and I love to pick it apart piece by piece. Why do people act the way they do? What influences them? How do they respond to certain stimuli? It's a constant, interesting puzzle. Outside of work, my new husband and I spend a lot of time together! We live far from family so sometimes it's just the two of us. We love discovering new bars and restaurants around our city, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, and exploring the small towns of Colorado. I also love to do yoga and home projects, such as fixing up our backyard. I'm trying to begin volunteering in my spare time as well.

Insights About Me:

  • My favorite food is…I love food so it's hard for me to choose, but I tend to love anything with potatoes.
  • If I could have a superpower it would be to apparate – it would save a lot of time on layovers!
  • Ask Me About... Traveling. I've been to all 50 states and 13 countries. I love giving recommendations and making sure people have a great time no matter where they're visiting. I think I was a Travel Agent in a past life!
  • One thing most people don’t know about me is that I'm in a choir! I've been singing my entire life in professional choirs, and I'm in an adult choir here in Denver currently.
  • I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer and take way too many photos - I have an entire second Instagram for my photography! I also love the wine industry. I spent half a year making wine out in Willamette Valley in Oregon, and have had a huge love and appreciation for the art (and the drink!) since then.

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