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L&E Research’s UPDATE to COVID-19

May 25, 2021

L&E Research Covid Policy

Hello my fellow research colleagues,

As society adjusts to the diminishing impacts of Covid 19 and CDC guidelines evolve, clients have sought our guidance on how best to approach research projects. As a result, we wanted to update our Covid 19 policies to help our clients get back to effectively conducting in-person research.

In a nutshell, our short answer is "we're going to let you, the client, decide. And we're going to help you by sharing our experience."

We’re following local directives on mask wearing policies. We’re advising our participants that they may or may not be asked to wear masks to the facility but will need to remove them during the study if needed.

If clients or fellow teammates ask for masks to be worn in their presence, our core values, such as "Be a good teammate" and "Do the right thing," drive us to respect the rights of others, so we can better understand the other's position (i.e. empathy). Our team understands this, and thus will keep masks handy as needed.

Safety is the driver in our policy, and the various audiences we must consider:

  • Our clients: We feel clients are best suited to choose their safety requirements. CDC guidelines have relaxed now to not apply to office facilities like L&E, and social distancing for vaccinated people has been eased. Therefore, eliminating distancing in focus group rooms for full sized groups (e.g. 8-10, or classroom style taste tests or mock juries) is something we feel clients should choose based on their comfort level.
  • Participants: This leaves the people that make the magic happen. If clients choose to follow safety protocols per the pandemic period, then there's nothing on our end to change: participants have been notified of these procedures, and the safety measures taken to date through the pandemic will be continued. If, however, social distancing policies are eased for your project, we will notify participants of this in confirmation calls and in a letter. They can elect at this time whether to "opt out," or continue as designed and fully notified. If we are to continue to receive the cooperation of the public to engage us in research, we must continue to make policies as participant friendly as possible.
  • The key from our perspective is what makes all projects successful: Good communication. Our Account Managers will consult with you and advise appropriately to see you get the project design optimal for your success. And Project Managers will work with your team should changes arise, so we can properly keep all parties—clients, teammates and participants—aware of what to expect. You will need to communicate with your teams the plan with all parties working together to eliminate surprises, and see your research executed smoothly and successfully. But good communication is what we are known for, and a key reason why over 96% of our clients in 2021 have told us they would highly recommend our services to colleagues!

It's been a long 15 months! But we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel towards a return to pre-pandemic procedures. We look forward to welcoming you again to our facilities, and seeing the magic of in-person research come alive again.

Brett Watkins

L&E's COVID-19 Research Report

We conducted research with our own panel to gauge their level of comfort in returning to in-person research. We have the data and details available at your fingertips. Take a look at our report by clicking here (no form to fill out) and contact us directly with any questions. This report will help you get a better understanding of the possibility of taking your research back to in-person at our facilities.

updated precautions for in-person studies - Updated May 25, 2021

Facility - What to Expect

  • Staff will wear masks and gloves (if requested by the client) during the study.
  • We’re following the local guidelines in each market regarding mask directives when entering the facility.
  • The research room can include tabletop acrylic dividers between participants and clients if client requests.
  • Participants must be willing to remove their masks during study.
  • Incentives will remain virtual so there is no transferring of cash.
  • Physical distancing can occur for groups as well as clients if client requests. L&E is advising all participants at time of recruitment that groups may or may not be socially distanced.
  • If you are in need of local moderators, we can provide recommendations.
  • Individualized supplies for study needs upon arrival for clients and participants (when necessary).
    • Participants will take any disposable items, such as pencils or pens used with them when done. Items such as this will not be reused.
    • Customized client supplies as requested on Day of Needs
  • Client food will be individually packaged orders, handed directly to client; served as delivered and no re-plating. Individually packaged silverware provided.

Ongoing Housekeeping

  • The building housekeeping staff is continuing to provide additional cleaning services.
  • Staff will sanitize between each group with extra time allotted for thorough cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Staff can wear masks continuously during the study if client requests.
  • Staff to wear gloves when appropriate and as needed.
  • Staff to maintain continuous cleaning of all areas of facility - Reception area, lobby, doors & doorknobs, table tops, chair handles, counters, kitchen area.

We are here to help in the planning and execution of your important research. If you have any questions as to our processes to ensure your safety and that of our research participants, or want to talk about upcoming opportunities that we can help you with, give us a call at 1-877-344-1574 or email us at this line is monitored for our clients 9am - 7pm EST Monday – Friday.

Business Continuity Plan

L&E Research was the first, and still the only, qualitative market research company that built out its own technology to run virtually our entire business. Moving to cloud computing technology in 2009 (currently hosted on Amazon Web Services, or AWS), our entire project operations are virtual, enabling our project management, recruiting and leadership teams to work from home. Teammates have been cross-trained by market, and by client, to ensure operational continuity.

For clients seeking alternative solutions to in-person research, L&E Research offers a variety of technologies and methodologies: telephone interviews; online focus groups; webcam interviews; mobile ethnographies; bulletin boards...these are just a sample of the solutions we can provide. Our experience with these technologies and managing the research process, as well as helping clients with design and methodology choice, is extensive and spans several years of experience. To learn more, please speak with your Account Manager, or contact us at 1-877-344-1574 or

We are here to help in the planning and execution of your important research. If you have any questions as to our processes to ensure your safety and that of our research participants, or want to talk about upcoming opportunities that we can help you with, give us a call at 1-877-344-1574 or email us at this line is monitored for our clients 9am - 7pm EST Monday – Friday.

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