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“Don’t reinvent the wheel” is a long-standing expression meant to remind us that building a new version of a perfectly good existing one doesn’t make a lot of sense. We agree, and that’s why we focus on partnering with the best technologies and surrounding them with our talented team to know how and when to best to use them. Our Research Design Engineers (RDEs) review and test the latest technology to find the best solutions for your research needs. Then we integrate these technologies with our Client Portal for a seamless integration of talent and technology.

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Online Qualitative Research

Our technology partner, Aha!, offers online qualitative platforms that offer respondents in-the-moment access through mobile and social media. Learn more by watching the video to the left.

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Large Panel Aggregator

Our technology partner, AYTM, offers a quantitative market research survey platform with built-in panel.

aytm survey aggregator
Batterii Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform

Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform

Our technology partner, Batterii, offers a cloud-based collaboration platform that collects research and insights from people in the field.


HD 360° Focus Groups
​With Integrated Video
Curation Tools

Our technology partner, CCam focus, is an advanced video streaming and recording solution utilizing a 360° video camera with live streaming and omnidirectional microphones that will capture every detail of your research sessions and provide the recordings to your research team within minutes.


Automated Neuromarketing

Our technology partner, CoolTool, offers a behavioral insights platform that discovers and validates what consumers see, think, and feel beyond their conscious control.


end-to-end Video management

Our technology partner, Curator Video, is an end-to-end video management software that allows you to capture, edit, and deliver a project all in one platform. With the many features of Curator your team can do what used to take hours in just minutes.

Focus Forward transcription
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Our technology partner, Focus Forward, offers an online transcription portal and keyword search so you can identify themes for reporting.

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The Virtual Aisle

Our technology partner, Informed Decisions Group (IDG), offers the virtual wall, a portable system that you can take almost anywhere in the world to create an in-store experience. 

Informed Decision Group Virtual Aisle
Isobar Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality

Our technology partner, Isobar, offers virtual reality, a 3D, interactive, immersive experience that you can use as a market research tool for any project large or small. 


Real Time Research Platform

Our technology partner, itracks Realtime, offers an all-in-one secure solution to hold video and text focus groups, and video IDIs. Built specifically for research, it features an intuitive interface, single stream audio and video, and the world’s only video-enabled true virtual backroom for full observer immersion and real insight.


Our technology partner, itracks Board, offers online bulletin board focus groups and elevates them to another level with rich features and in-depth research capabilities. The fully-integrated mobile app allows users to fully participate via a smartphone or tablet in addition to online participation.

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Video Analytics

Our technology partner, LivingLens, offers video curation and a speech to text analytics solution to help you turn video into a powerful market research tool. Learn more by watching the video to the right.

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Web Based
​Emotional Response

Our technology partner, Mindsight by Isobar, has a powerful tool that shows what unlocks the motivations behind every consumer choice. Learn more by watching the video to the left.


Qualitative Insights Platform

Our technology partner, QualSights, offers an end-to-end qualitative insights platform that provides brands, agencies and consulting firms a dramatically faster and more affordable way to generate deeper insights at global scale.

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Online Insights &
​Community Platform

Our technology partner, Recollective, offers a research tool for developing robust insights communities and conducting online research studies of any duration and size.

Recollective Online Insights & Community Platform

Real Time Response Analysis

Our technology partner, Remesh, offers real time customer insights that helps you have live conversations with your customers at scale, using AI to analyze and organize the audience’s responses in real-time.


Decision Making

Our technology partner, Yogi, offers an AI-powered reviews analysis platform that helps you aggregate reviews & ratings across a multitude of sources and turn them into actionable insights.

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