Running for good with Race Around the World

This month the L&E team is in their running gear. For the third consecutive year we will be running for the Market Research Education Foundation (MREF) Race Around the World.

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We support the Market Research Education Foundation

The MREF is a global organization that helps marginalized children access high-quality education. Through financial and human resources, and involving researchers across the globe, the MREF funds a wide range of projects aimed at offering the...

Market Research Education Foundation

Digital qual – the 51st state?

In times of constant change - and the digital qualitative research world is certainly experiencing constant change - two things are vitally important.

It’s crucial to keep your eye on what is changing - the new opportunities, technologies and ideas that are springing up. It’s also crucial to keep a place in your thinking for what has not changed - the basic principles that consumer research rests on.

Charles Deluvio on web call