A Taste of Sensory

Workshop Video

Guest Speaker: Judy Heylmun Founder of Forsense+One 

The Consumer Packaged Goods food product launch process has an alarmingly high failure rate of nearly 98% per year. Held on July 18, 2014 at L&E Research's St. Louis office, this workshop provided strategies and development concepts to help participants improve the chance of success for their next product launch. We reviewed the process of properly aligning the product concept, and design teams, and discussed how adding a qualitative research approach, combined with concept, and sensory product testing, results in a faster process design.

The workshop included a mock sensory lab environment that provided real life examples of tools and techniques that are utilized in sensory conversations with consumers to define the best concept product fit.

The full workshop video is available in the Education section of our website for those who missed it.

About Judy Heylmun
Judy Heylmun is a seasoned veteran in the field of sensory research, consulting for many Fortune 500 CPG food companies for the last 15 years and holding senior research and development positions at CPG food product companies for over 20 years.

Brett Watkins, President of L&E Research commented "We are elated to work with Judy and provide research professionals an educational opportunity to learn from a leader in the field of sensory research."

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