5 Things You Need to Know About Hotel Security

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Are you safe when you travel? CBS News Travel Reporter, Peter S. Greenberg, shares 5 things every traveler needs to know before checking into a hotel.

1. In-Room Safes Are Not As Safe As You Think.
Per Peter, under Innkeeper Laws in every state of the United States, hotels are not liable for anything that is lost in them… including items kept in your room safe.

2. Don’t Leave Your Receipts in the Trash Cans.
Hacking cases and credit card fraud are often the result of easy access to credit card receipts left in hotel trash cans. Peter warns not to use a debit card since hotels block these charges. Per Peter, “Your entire balance is not available to you until 5 days later.”

3. Be Alert at Check-In.
Often, front desk clerks say your room number out loud when checking you in, and anyone nearby can hear what room you are staying in. This can result in what is known as a “Push-in Robbery” where someone cleverly follows you to your room and just as you place the key card in the door and open it, they push you inside. If you are checking in late, ask for a uniformed staff member to escort you to your room.

4. Key Card Urban Myth.
Rumors of the black magnetic strips on hotel key cards containing all your information are NOT true according to Peter. The only information stored on the card is a couple letters of your last name.

5. Stay Grounded.
Peter warns not to stay above the 8th floor in a US hotel (or above the 4th floor in any hotel around the world). Peter explains “not a single fire department can effectively fight a fire above the 8th floor.”

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