6 Steps To Perfect Qual – Step 3: Fieldwork & Data Collection

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When you back your fieldwork and data collection with the latest technology, you can’t go wrong. Download the latest L&E trust guide to access new (and go-to) qualitative research techniques, along with the in-the-moment tools, video analytics, and other technology they run on. In this paper we’ll also share practical tips in choosing the right facility and creating an optimal research environment for participants. This paper includes:
  • Emerging fieldwork techniques (and the technology they run on)
  • Practical tips on making your participants and clients comfortable on site
  • How to deliver an environment that will optimize data collection
  • Strategy for choosing the right facility
To continue reading, download our latest white paper here (no form to fill out!) More about the six steps to perfect qual series It’s qualitative research that digs deep to uncover the truth in consumer behavior. If the goal of qual is to explore rather than confirm, then true qualitative insight comes from asking the right questions, with the right people, and successfully sharing the journey they take you on. We know researchers walk a tightrope. Margins for error are narrow; even the smallest mistakes in a qualitative project can have huge impact on the client relationship and the project’s success. Our series of six white papers is designed to support you every step along the way in your project – to provide a guide to the key elements that will drive success and how we at L&E can help you. White Paper Series Downloads: Step 1: Qualitative Research Design Step 2: Qualitative Research Recruiting