L&E Six Part Webinar Series

6 Steps to Perfect Qual – Steps 4 & 5: Qualitative Analytics and Insight Communications

June 6, 2018

    Putting together qualitative analysis and communicating qualitative insight can seem a daunting process, so we wanted to offer you the latest techniques and best practices for telling strong stories and engaging clients with impactful deliverables.

    Our third webinar in our “Six Steps to Perfect Qual” webinar series will guide you through the best methods to ask questions and get actionable next steps to lead your clients to true insight. We will discuss the impact of powerful communications through a combination of the latest technology and practical tips for storytelling and creating actionable deliverables.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

    • Build impactful communications through storytelling (with practical advice on finding the golden thread in the information)
    • Different ways of communicating insight using technology

          Joan M. Lewis

          Joan M. Lewis is an accomplished executive, a respected member of several boards of directors, and an independent consultant.  Previously, Joan served on the global senior executive team of Procter & Gamble (P&G), the world’s largest consumer packaged goods company and recognized leader in brand building, marketing, and consumer insights.  Joan’s 27 year career at P&G culminated in seven years as the Senior Vice President and Officer of Global Consumer & Market Knowledge. Joan is an independent advisor and consultant, and she currently serves on five Boards of Directors:  Market Track, LRW, EYC, Vitamix, and The Oneida Group.  Joan previously served on the boards of comScore and several non-profit organizations.  Joan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Miami University.Read more

          Shawn Stripling

          Shaun is the SVP, Chief Strategy Officer and Global Director of Frank About Women at Mullen and has been with the company since 2011. She has both agency-side marketing experience as well as global leadership experience as director of Frank About Women, a female-forward brain-trust dedicated to creating more resonant and supporting communications aimed at a lucrative consumer base; women. In her spare time, Shaun enjoys cooking (she was a chef for 9 years before jumping into the ad agency world!) and spending time with her 2 mini-mes: daughters, Ava and Astrid.Read more

          Walt Barron

          Walt is the chief strategy officer at McKinney, an agency with offices in Durham, North Carolina, and New York. McKinney’s purpose is “To find and unleash the untapped potential in our world.” And McKinney has helped Walt find — and unleash — his own potential since joining the agency in 2005, after graduating from the VCU Brandcenter and getting his feet wet at McGarrah Jessee in Austin.
          Walt believes advertising is a team sport, and the teams he’s been lucky to work with at McKinney have helped earn a bunch of Effies and top creative awards for clients in a variety of categories, including paint retail, PCs, home appliances, and social issues.
          Before advertising, Walt was a Capitol Hill reporter at Congressional Quarterly during Clinton’s second term. There he gained an understanding of how to use both qualitative research (mostly in the form of interviews he conducted) and quantitative research (primarily in the form of budgetary analysis others conducted) to tell stories. But while his time on the Capitol Hill beat found him using a very strict approach to research to look back at what had happened, advertising allows him to look ahead to what can happen, utilizing a more open-minded approach to research.
          Read more

          Event Details

          Guest Speakers: 

            • Joan M. Lewis, Former P&G Insights Director & Independent Advisor and Consultant
            • Shaun Stripling, SVP, Chief Strategy Officer and Global Director of Frank About Women at Mullen
            • Walt Barron, Chief Strategy Officer, McKinney

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