Creative Medical Research Case Study


Working as partners with CMR

The story

Creative Medical Research (CMR) is a market research company specializing in global medical device research. They help clients discover unmet needs in the marketplace and evaluate and test ideas for device feasibility and usability. We sat down with them to talk about their relationship with L&E and how it works. L&E started working with CMR in 2016 and has collaborated with them on over 30 recruitment projects and facility hires. As CMR says, what started this long-lasting relationship, and made L&E stand out from other competitors from the get-go, was the team. Their knowledge and experience, their tailored proposals, and the attention to feasibility, really showed L&E’s willingness to meet CMR specific needs and not just send cookie-cutter templates.

Working as partners

A competitive, thought-through proposal is just the first step towards a successful collaboration. This must be followed by a strong and reliable delivery.  What CMR likes about L&E is that “they are willing to go the extra mile. While some other competitors have processes that are set in stone, L&E is flexible and responsive, capable of adapting to the client’s evolving needs and priorities. The L&E team is always willing to have an open conversation about how to best support CMR to deliver consistent work”. CMR considers L&E very much a partner rather than a supplier. The partnership between the two companies evolved throughout the years, and it’s built on mutual trust. What CMR values is the “small company feel” and outstanding customer service, which is challenging to maintain as your business grows. CMR knows that L&E will do everything they can to deliver outstanding work. And L&E knows that CMR will support them and will be reasonable and realistic in their requirements. What CMR truly values about this partnership is L&E’s transparency, responsiveness, and communication; “Those are the things we look for in a recruitment supplier, but they’re rare to find.”

L&E can save the day

CMR specializes in medical device research, so they often need to recruit rare patient groups, and hard-to-reach participants. They find that a lot of recruiters are hard to trust when it comes to finding these types of respondents. L&E, on the other hand, is always realistic and provides honest feedback. CMR turns to L&E because they are willing to give it a go: they know that the job must be done. The FDA requires that specific groups of people are spoken to and surveyed, and there’s no way around it. Covid-19 presented new challenges to CMR: as people became more anxious about their health, taking part in research wasn’t a priority. For a lot of patients this could put their health at further risk. A good example happened recently. CMR were conducting a study and they were working with multiple recruiters across multiple cities. All of them were failing to find the specific target that CMR needed. So, they decided to asked L&E to jump in at very short notice, hoping that they would be able to find the right respondents. They completely rescued the study: “we went to them at short notice with a rescue mission, they were willing to help, and they succeeded.” Another advantage of L&E is that they operate in multiple cities, CMR appreciates the ease of working over several locations but with just one project manager.   Honesty is at the base of trust, and without trust partnerships can’t stand the test of time. L&E is realistic, but willing to do their best, and CMR knows that their best is genuinely going to be their best, and not an empty promise.

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