Consider the consumer: Creating a better member experience to increase qualitative community health

Tuesday, March 26 at 1:00 PM ET

Have you ever considered what research participation looks like from the perspective of the participant? What motivates people to participate in research? More importantly, what pain points drive them from continuing to participate in research? Research participants are the lifeblood of qualitative research – researchers cannot obtain insights without the support of real people, so monitoring their perception of the industry is critical to ensuring a healthy and robust qualitative panel ecosystem.

Join our upcoming webinar where representatives from L&E Research, Kelli Hammock and Angela Steed, will share perspectives from real research participants. We’ll explore how to better consider the consumer in your market research and uncover the secrets to enhance the member experience. Discover how to identify the critical trigger and frustration points that can make or break your engagement rates. Gain invaluable insights on increasing engagement and response rates while exploring the motivations behind participating in market research. Our expert panel will provide a participant’s perspective on the industry and data-driven analyses of response rates, disengagement trends, and attrition causes. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your market research strategies and revolutionize the way you connect with your audience!

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why people choose to participate in market research

  • Why trust and credibility are critical to participants

  • Participant pain points, and how to mitigate them

  • Strategies to increase engagement and reduce panel attrition

Kelli Hammock

Kelli Hammock has almost 20 years of experience on the supplier side of qualitative market research, including recruitment, project and database management, and survey programming. Kelli currently supports L&E’s Client Solutions team by providing consultation, research design, proposals, and screener development. She leads L&E’s marketing by creating content and designing materials, producing webinars, planning events, and providing guidance for external communications. When not providing research solutions to L&E’s clients, Kelli enjoys simulation and resource management video gaming, overly intricate and complicated board games, jigsaw puzzles, and spoiling two ridiculously adorable dogs!Read more
Angela Steed Director of Recruiting, DB Development & Programming

Angela Steed

Angela Steed, Director of Community Engagement, has been in market research and with L&E since 2013 where she has worked in recruiting, project management and recruiting management. She currently oversees our database development team which includes panel growth, engagement and quality assurance.
When not working, Angela enjoys yoga, running, biking and getting involved with her community. She also enjoys spending time with her pet Cockapoo Charlie, her husband and two children, one of which is a newly licensed 16-year old (which means she’s doing extra meditation with her yoga practice.)
Read more

Event Details

Guest Speakers: 

  • Kelli Hammock, Strategic Communications Director, L&E Research
  • Angela Steed, Director of Community Engagement, L&E Research

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