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Planning successful Jury Research Events with DOAR

The story

DOAR is a leading trial consulting firm with over 30 years of experience providing insight and support to lawyers and major corporations in handling complex legal disputes. L&E’s work with DOAR started a few years ago, using primarily their New York City facility. Since then, the partnership has grown considerably, with L&E continuously increasing its NYC area database and implementing facility improvements to meet DOAR’s research needs.

The importance of a well-planned event

L&E’s support is particularly valuable when conducting Jury Research events, especially when cases are complex and require extensive and thoughtful testing. And when it came to working with DOAR, the industry leader in advising the most prominent attorneys nationwide on high-stakes matters, L&E was up for the task. “L&E often assists us when planning research events to ensure they run smoothly,” says Emma Katz, Analyst at DOAR. “Events are comprised of focus groups, mock trials, shadow juries, and other research initiatives as trials are ongoing.” One of L&E’s primary capabilities in helping the team at DOAR is recruiting people for research events who accurately reflect trial jury pools. Sometimes they require niche participants such as higher-level professionals. “99% of the time, L&E can meet our quotas,” explains Devi Braun, Analyst at DOAR. “When working with L&E, we are confident that their team can recruit participants that accurately represent the potential demographic pool of an actual jury.” Braun adds, “The events we hold at L&E’s facilities are great to test all the small but key details. For example, we help our clients with the voir dire process and decide what sort of demographic pool might be in favor or against our clients. And that is all based on data we’re gathering at these events.” The DOAR team will occasionally need to run research events in areas not covered by L&E facilities. In those instances, they still engage with L&E for recruiting support. Katz states, “L&E goes above and beyond by helping us find the right venue, even if it isn’t their responsibility. Their team supports us along the way to carry out these events successfully, wherever they are. This reliability further strengthens our experience with L&E and is why we keep going back.”

Overcoming challenges together

In the legal sector, last-minute challenges often arise. So, for DOAR, it’s essential to have a responsive partner ready to address changing circumstances. “We need immediate answers because our clients need immediate answers, so communication is key. In our experience, L&E’s responsiveness has been amazing. As a result, we’ve developed a relationship with L&E’s team where they’ve learned to anticipate our needs,” says Braun. The COVID-19 pandemic threatened the health and safety of people across the globe and caused intense disruption to businesses across industries. As a result, L&E moved swiftly to address new health and safety requirements and other challenges that were presented. “Before the pandemic, we could host a lot of people in the same room,” explained Braun, “With Covid, that wasn’t possible anymore. The way that L&E’s NYC facility is designed allowed us to overcome this obstacle due to its size and the amount of rooms available to use.” L&E was able to pivot during a global crisis quickly and, as a result, could also keep pace with a facility that could handle different types of events. “For some of our clients, we need to create more complex research events,” says Katz. “With the support of L&E’s team and their facility, we can figure out the most seamless and easiest process and run these types of events on a very quick timeline. At L&E, they have the space, they have the manpower, and they’re capable of meeting our unique needs.”
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