L&E Webinar | The Participation Game: How & Why Millennial Consumers Adopt Brands

Market Research


Digital connectivity has changed the way we interact with one another – people no longer want to consume marketing, they want to participate in brands. To connect with people, brands must first develop a true understanding of how they interact with the world around them. The key for marketers is then engaging with people the way that they interact naturally: ceasing to market to consumers and instead inviting people to participate in the brand. 

On Friday, October 21 at 1:15 pm (ET), L&E hosted a webinar with guest speaker Norty Cohen, CEO and founder of Moosylvania. This webinar featureed highlights from a four-year study that agency Moosylvania has conducted. Norty took partipants through key insights on how and why Millennial consumers adopt brands.


About Moosylvania

Moosylvania’s mission is to truly understand how and why Millennial consumers adopt brands. By modeling how people interact digitally (with everyone from their friends to entertainment to services they rely on), they are able to connect brands with people in a world that changes every day. Their unique toolset – including original branding, digital and experiential programming – is designed to support an approach that results in genuine brand participation. Learn more at www.moosylvania.com.