Use L&E HD Video Streaming to observe your focus groups in real-time or anytime you want, from anywhere you want. L&E HD Video Streaming is integrated with the L&E Client Portal, making it simple to access and navigate. Integrated chat functionality allows you to communicate with your team members in real-time. And the robust video editing tools are fine-tuned for market research, with video markers and highlighting features that allow you to easily pinpoint significant moments in your research. With L&E HD Video Streaming, you get all of the features of other streaming products, but at a fraction of the cost.


L&E Video Streaming is now available* in high-definition, giving remote viewers an even clearer and more detailed picture of respondents facial expressions and reactions, even when you can’t be onsite for your groups.


  • Unlimited remote viewers can stream your sessions live from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Video markers, highlights and video editor, so you can pinpoint significant moments of research
  • Integrated chat functionality allows you to communicate with team members in real-time
  • Secure login and 24/7 access to your live and recorded video via L&E’s web-based client portal
  • High-definition video streaming available upon request
  • Costs a fraction of other video streaming products and is pay-as-you-go, with no long-term commitment and no equipment or set-up charges
  • The 360° camera technology gives you a view of all respondents and lets you observe from the middle of the conversation

*HD Video Streaming is available on request. Please ask an L&E Research Associate if you would like to utilize HD video streaming.

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