Recipe for the perfect qual panel

Step Six: How to Make it Happen 

Welcome back to our ongoing series uncovering the key ingredients behind the perfect qualitative panel. In this edition, we’re diving into the behind-the-scenes elements that make the process seamless and effective – from the importance of the team’s expertise to the technological prowess driving operations.

Experience and Background

When working on recruiting the perfect qual panel, finding the right partner is key. Having a team that brings years of hands-on experience from various facets of qualitative recruitment is paramount for success. At L&E for example, we value internal growth, often promoting from within, fostering a team culture that thrives on diverse expertise and shared best practices. Each year, we dedicate hundreds of hours to equip our teams with the latest insights and expertise in qualitative research.

How to measure success

While profit and revenue are integral, it’s important to prioritize comprehensive metrics that foster accountability and maintain top-notch quality across all service areas. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as profits, revenue, and cash flow only tell part of the story; equally important are the metrics implemented that enable employees to understand where they fit into the bigger picture of the company. L&E Research has spent years developing metrics that create a culture of accountability. Our metrics are built not only to drive fiscal success, but most are built to ensure a consistent level of quality in all service areas. From show rates to panel expansion goals, these metrics ensure consistency and success.

Proprietary Technology and Virtual Facility:

To help the recruitment process run smoothly you can rely on advanced technology. Our Facility Manager Plus (FMP), serves as the backbone of our operations. FMP is a robust platform that streamlines recruiting, project management, and onsite services. It boasts advanced features like keyword search, automated quota tracking, and client-accessible recruitment status updates 24/7.

Technology also plays a key role since the demand for virtual facilities in qualitative research has surged, reshaping the landscape of how studies are conducted. Our Virtual Facility, powered by industry-leading video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Teams, offers a virtual backroom experience for clients. With streaming capabilities to the Client Portal, this feature enables chat functions, video markers, and clip editing tools, allowing seamless collaboration and observation during sessions.

Commitment to expertise, innovation, and the right technology isn’t just about meeting research needs; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve high quality qualitative research. Our journey through these fundamental elements concludes here, but the quest for excellence in qualitative research continues.