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FebruaryTechWebinar - blog

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On February 20th, 2019, we hosted our first webinar in our webinar series for 2019. We learned more about the technology companies that we have partnered with to make your research process not just easier, but seamless from start to finish. Our Research Design Engineer, Renee Wyckoff hosted this panel discussion and in this webinar you learn more about:

  • Cloud-based collaboration platform from tech partner, Batterii
  • Online Transcription Portal and Keyword Search from tech partner, Focus Forward
  • The Virtual Aisle from tech partner, Informed Decisions Group (IDG)
  • Video Analytics from tech partner, LivingLens
  • Online insights communities/online research platform from tech partner, Recollective
  • Guest Speakers: 
    • Chad Reynolds, Founder & CEO, Batterii
    • Kim Harrison, CEO, Focus Forward
    • Colin Valdiserri, Co-Founder & CEO, Informed Decisions Group
    • Allie Putterman, Business Development Director, LivingLens
    • Dana Cassady, Manager, Client Development, Recollective