Unleashing the Power of MROCs to Achieve Better Business Insights

Tuesday, May 23 at 1:00 PM EDT

Join us for a deep dive into the world of community-based research and how it can inform stakeholders and provide solutions to complex business problems.

In this webinar, we will explore various topics including MROCs, multi-phased research, and the advantages of both short- and long-term community panels. We will discuss the benefits of quant/qual hybrid solutions and the turn-key US qual/quant research solutions that can be delivered by platforms like aha and L&E. We will also explore the importance of optimizing various methodologies and how your supplier can enhance your research efforts with great customer/client support.

Representatives from L&E Research and aha will share how combining custom built panels with the right tool kits enables brands to ideate and test new concepts, ad campaigns, and more, utilizing this type of solution.  Our panel of experts includes: Ray Fischer, a ResTech pioneer with over 20 years in the research industry; Paula Kramer, with more than a decade of experience as a moderator and strategist; and L&E Research’s Kelli Hammock, who has close to 20 years of qualitative recruitment experience; discussion to be led by L&E Research’s CEO, Brett Watkins, who has grown L&E Research from a single-market focus group facility to a seven-market, nationwide recruiting powerhouse.

This webinar is ideal for researchers, marketers, and anyone interested in learning more about community-based research and how it can enhance business insights. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and explore new research solutions!

During this webinar, we will discuss:
  • Exploring hybrid research methods and the future of business insights
  • Building successful communities for a collaborative approach to research
  • The art of community management and how your supplier can support your research needs
  • Utilizing the right tool kits to ideate and test new concepts, ad campaigns and more

Ray Fischer

Ray Fischer, CEO of aha, is a pioneer and innovator in the online qualitative and quantitative research space. In his roles as a brand marketer, ad agency executive, and consumer insights strategist, Fischer has experienced the impact of technology on consumer and market research first-hand. Working with a team of market research and technology experts, Fischer led the development and launch of the aha ResTech platform resulting in a comprehensive suite of dynamic respondent methods and activities that deliver deeper, strategic human insights. aha allows brands, market research companies, consultants, and marketing agencies to easily create engaging consumer or B2B studies that get closer to the emotional relationship between consumers and the products they buy. Ray attained his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and his MBA from Fordham University in NY. Read more

Paula Kramer

Paula Kramer is the Vice President and Lead Strategist at aha. She leads aha’s Project Management team and oversees all research operations utilizing the aha platform, including recruiting, programming, discussion guide creation and coaching, moderating, and client relationship management. Paula loves guiding clients through the research journey and working with teams to ensure high quality results and innovative in-field practices. Paula received her undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Journalism from Indiana University, and then earned her Executive MBA from Cleveland State University. When she is not helping clients, Paula is an unabashed foodie who loves travel, distance running, and spending time at the ocean! Read more

Brett Watkins

Brett Watkins is CEO of L&E Research. L&E Research is the premier qualitative research solutions company that provides nationwide recruiting, advanced technology and industry-leading client service. With seven offices throughout the US and nationwide reach, L&E helps brands unlock powerful business insights. When not working, Brett’s passions are wine, music, physical fitness, and anything sports related, including his middling golf game.Read more

Kelli Hammock

Kelli Hammock has almost 20 years of experience on the supplier side of qualitative market research, including recruitment, project and database management, and survey programming. Since joining L&E Research, she’s leveraged that experience to assist the team with screener development, research design, scoping out proposals, and providing consultation to assure projects with unique or complex methodologies are set up for success. When not providing research solutions to L&E Research’s clients, Kelli enjoys playing overly intricate and complicated board games, working jigsaw puzzles, and spoiling two ridiculously adorable dogs!Read more

Event Details

Guest Speakers: 

  • Ray Fischer, CEO, aha insights technology
  • Paula Kramer, VP of Project Management & Qualitative Strategist, aha insights technology
  • Brett Watkins, CEO, L&E Research
  • Kelli Hammock, Strategic Communications Director, L&E Research

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