We support the Market Research Education Foundation

Giving Back

The MREF is a global organization that helps marginalized children access high-quality education. Through financial and human resources, and involving researchers across the globe, the MREF funds a wide range of projects aimed at offering the opportunity for a better life to every child.

We are proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the Foundation. Our support didn’t start today. We have been part of the yearly MREF Race Around the World where participants and sponsors have raised $100,000+ for UNICEF, and logged nearly 50,000 miles. The L&E team contributed by logging 1,065 miles in 2021, and 1,492 miles in 2022.

Together with other industry leaders our CEO Brett Watkins is part of the MREF Board of Directors: “At L&E we are strongly committed to the charitable causes that the Foundation works so hard for. No contribution is too small, and like in Race Around the World, every step counts. Contributing to the incredibly valuable work that the MREF and other organizations do will continue to be a priority for us.”

By choosing to work with us, you’re helping us to give back. At L&E, we make in-kind donations encouraging employees, members, and clients to join us in our efforts and boost the impact on local communities. We call it “The Multiplier Effect”. Thanks to our clients and members, in 2022 alone, we donated over $30K to valuable organizations, supporting them financially and with in-kind donations.

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