L&E Blog Series: Working in a Virtual Environment – Establishing a Routine

Technology, Virtual Environment

Kicking off week #2 of our blog series, were you able to get your workspace set up last week?

This week we will focus on establishing a routine. Whether you are a consistent schedule person or not, you probably had some sort of routine prior to this new way of life. Now everything is out of sorts and you may be dealing with the new challenges of working from home too. Working from home is like a puzzle, you need all the right pieces for everything to come together. One of those major puzzle pieces is establishing a routine in your new work environment, which also happens to be your home. 

Check out some tips below from some of our L&E employees on how establishing a good routine can make all the difference in your WFH set up. 


  • Wake up at the same time every day! Whether it’s a morning I would normally go to the gym or not, I wake up at the same time each day. This helps me in establishing a good routine and also helps with falling asleep easier at night (bonus tip: go to bed at the same time each night). Something else I do each morning and evening is walk my dogs. As anyone with dogs probably understands you can’t mess up the schedule! Dogs thrive with an established routine, as you probably will too. – Elizabeth Wollenberg, Marketing Manager
  • I’ve worked from home in the past, even though I work regularly in an office now. For me, I kept a regular schedule, just like now… up same time every morning, gym, dress for work (business casual, even if I wasn’t going to be seen that day), then off to my home office. David Mize, Client Services Manager, Columbus
    Facilities Operations Manager
  • I always end my day with a list of priorities for the next day. This list sits on my keyboard so I can tackle my day in an organized manner!  Lists are good!  – Tracy Hyder, Senior Project Manager
  • Pro tip- pick out a good music station (if you can listen to music while you work). Some of our favorite stations include: Thomas Newman Radio, Coffee Shop Radio, Stephen Stills Radio and Meditation Radio.

Be on the lookout for our next blog post in this series coming next week!