Focus Forward Overview – L&E Tech Partner On-Demand Webinar Series

Market Research, Qualitative Research


Following our webinar on emerging technologies within qualitative research we wanted to share our on-demand webinars and highlights of each of our technology partners. We are continuing on with Focus Forward and Renee Wyckoff’s (our Research Design Engineer) summary of how they offer an online transcription portal and keyword search so you can identify themes for reporting.

L&E Transcription services, powered by Focus Forward is a comprehensive transcription service that will work with your specific needs and budget in mind. L&E Transcription has several different levels of service to suit the desired outcome.

Some of the features of L&E Transcription Services –

  • Speed and quality of service compared to price
  • Audio is transcribed via “segmentation” technology to result in quality transcripts, faster
  • Offered in all L&E locations
  • Future API to L&E Streaming service that will tie transcription and streaming services into one user friendly system

L&E 360° Camera

L&E 360° camera is the latest in focus group camera technology!

  • Still hardware at the center of the table with multiple lenses to provide an unobtrusive camera feed without distraction
  • Audio highlights the speaker, as participants share, the camera zooms in on that speaker to provide close-up imagery. Facial expressions and body language captured in HD quality
  • Camera clearly picks up participant sharing, such as pictures, homework assignments or other stimuli

For a more in depth overview of Focus Forward and their capabilities, watch our on-demand tech webinar by clicking here!