IDG Overview – L&E Tech Partner On-Demand Webinar Series

Market Research, Qualitative Research, Virtual Environment


Following our webinar on emerging technologies within qualitative research we wanted to share our on-demand webinars and highlights of each of our technology partners. We are continuing on with Informed Decisions Group (IDG) and Renee Wyckoff’s (our Research Design Engineer) summary of how they offer the virtual wall, a portable system that you can take almost anywhere in the world to create an in-store experience.

Informed Decisions Group’s (IDG) Virtual Aisle is a truly remarkable interactive market research tool! The Virtual Aisle is portable and can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world for researchers to create a life sized, in-store experience anywhere they like! Using eye-tracking in conjunction with qualitative interviews, IDG can extract immediate insights from shoppers’ interactions with the aisle.

With the integration of quantitative data, from mobile eye-tracking, and qualitative insights from follow up interviews and shop-a-longs, shelf and packaging decisions can be made quickly and effectively.

Some of the featured of IDG’s Virtual Aisle –

  • 6 x 10 foot portable screens for life sized, scaled projections
  • Ability to project high resolution images that are 4x HD and up to 9.8 mega pixels
  • Rear projection to eliminate shadows
  • Ability to simultaneously test design options and easily modify stimuli
  • Faster results than in-market testing
  • Identify lead design options to test in further quantitative research or in-market testing

Additional features and tools, but not limited to –

  • Interactive Virtual Aisle
  • Package diagnostics with stationary eye-tracking/online webcam eye-tracking
  • Menu board testing & optimization
  • Biometric tools, mobile EEG and micro-expression coding

For a more in depth overview of IDG and their capabilities, watch our on-demand tech webinar by clicking here!