LivingLens Overview – L&E Tech Partner On-Demand Webinar Series

Market Research, Qualitative Research


In anticipation of our upcoming webinar on emerging technologies within qualitative research we wanted to share our on-demand webinars and highlights of each of our technology partners. We are kicking things off with LivingLens and Renee Wyckoff’s (our Research Design Engineer) summary of how this powerful video tool incorporates speech to text analytics to help qualitative researchers turn video uploaded by respondents into actionable insights!

How does LivingLens work?

  • Easy to use central dashboard for managing uploaded videos
  • Multiple ways to search your video content, such as, but not limited to:
    • Word cloud for frequency of mentions in text
    • Filter by survey responses, demographic data, etc.
    • Text search via human or machine transcriptions on the platform
  • Create clips from multiple video sources
  • Easy to use client analytics model to assist in understanding content on an aggregated level
  • Key theme word cloud across all video content


  • Clickable charts to take you directly to the relevant video content


  • Transcript export capabilities

For a more in depth overview of LivingLens and their capabilities, watch our on-demand tech webinar by clicking here!