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L&E Research connects clients with, consumers, medical professionals, business professionals, and more - for virtually any market research project. We make efficient and accurate connections through the ongoing development of L&E’s software and technology solutions.


You talk. We listen.

That’s the key. We employ an experienced and consultative project management team, who combined, have executed thousands of successful market research projects. We quickly understand the types of information you need – and where to get it. Then, we move swiftly - delivering the perfect respondents. Meaningful discussions are facilitated between organizations and consumers, enabling an exchange to take place - at one of our facilities, online, over the telephone or at a specially scouted location.

We Search High and Low

L&E knows that your research project is only as good as the respondents we bring you. Therefore, L&E finds anyone…anything…anywhere - to suit your needs. We start with L&E’s diverse member database of over 1 million respondents. But then we get creative, using guerilla tactics and grassroots methods – and yes, we do find respondents hiding under rocks! We don’t stop until you have the respondents you need.

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