A Letter from Brett Watkins

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The weather is getting cooler, but L&E Research is warming up to the season of giving that’s right around the corner. We kick off the season a bit early here with a holiday near to my heart – Veterans Day.

As we’ve done for the past six years, in lieu of client holiday gifts, L&E makes an annual contribution to an organization that helps veterans overcome PTSD and return to the workforce: the Veterans Life Center.

I have shared my story before about why the VLC’s mission is so important to me, but I’d like to tell you a bit more about the VLC and one of their recent success stories.

The VLC treats each person that comes to them as an individual that deserves dignity and respect. They truly care for the veterans in their program and are focused on their success. For each person, that success means something different.

The organization assists veterans in need in five key areas: mental health, behavioral health, spiritual health, physical health and vocational needs. These can include treating depression and grief, providing recovery support, building important life skills like financial literacy and independence, and building/rebuilding relationships.

If you do the math, the VLC supports 40 residents per night, 365 days per year. That’s 14,600 bed nights per year. They also provide meals, so annually, the VLC is serving 43,800 meals per year. At a basic room and board rate of $150 per day, that’s $2,190,000 in rooms and meals the VLC provides to veterans in need.

“If you want to change someone’s life, the VLC is a great place to support.” According to John Turner, VLC Executive Director, “We don’t change their lives. We help them change their lives.”

Please take a moment this weekend to think about our veteran community and the sacrifices they have made for us. Many of them are struggling and need our help. Let’s not forget about them! Thank you for helping us give something back to them after they’ve given so much for our nation. If you’d like to support the VLC directly, please visit their website.

Warm Regards,

Brett Watkins