News & Events

News & Events

  • L&E Research Announces New Technology Partnerships

    L&E Research, the preferred choice for recruiting and facilities in the qualitative market research industry, is pleased to announce its new partnerships with leading technology companies Aha!, IDG (Informed Decisions Group), Isobar and LivingLens.   Read More

  • L&E Research Expands to Minneapolis, Minnesota

    L&E Research, the preferred choice for recruiting and facilities in the qualitative market research industry, is pleased to announce its continued expansion with the recent acquisition of Focus Market Research in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Read More

  • Moderator, Teacher, Traffic Cop, Idea Protector, Listener: Conducting Qualitative Research with Kids

    Everyone knows kids are different from adults. But have you ever thought about how those differences translate to marketing research? In the early days of marketing research (let’s say the “Mad Men” era), marketers assumed that you couldn’t do research with kids because they were too unpredictable. So marketing research – and hence, marketing – focused mostly on parent’s opinions and perceptions.   Read More

  • L&E Research in 2014 - Resources for YOUR Success

    2014 marks our 30th year in business and it was an eventful year for us - opening three new facilities, launching a new website and blog, revamping our Client and Participant Portals, and continuing L&E's tradition of giving back to our local communities. But what are we most excited about? We are really thrilled about what we’ve done this year to serve you better and make you more successful! We decided to wrap up 2014 by sharing these resources with you in case you missed any of them.   Read More

  • L&E Research Named to the Inc. 5000 List for 2014

    L&E Research has been named to the Inc. 5000 list for 2014. It was ranked as the 753rd fastest growing private business in the United States and, as an operator of focus group facilities, one of the very few in the Market Research industry.   Read More

  • L&E Research Celebrates 30th Anniversary

    L&E Research is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Started as a two-person, home-based business, L&E has grown to become one of the largest fieldwork firms in the U.S., operating eight focus group facilities in seven cities.   Read More

  • L&E Research Increases Secondary Market Stronghold

    L&E Research is proud to announce Baltimore, MD and Columbus, OH are now part of the strategically growing L&E family. With these latest additions, L&E Research offers market research services at eight facilities in seven cities to broadly cover the eastern half of the United States, including the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast and Florida markets.   Read More

  • L&E Research Now Provides Market Research Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

    L&E Research announced on June 1st, 2014 that they are expanding their market research offerings by adding the former QFact Research facility in Cincinnati, Ohio to their growing list of secondary market options. This Midwest market will provide L&E Research clients and partners a new alternative market with a diverse community.   Read More

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