Quantitative data isn’t always about online, phone, or mobile. Sometimes there is no better option than in-person, face-to-face data collection.

L&E offers quantitative research recruiting for clients that need in-person interviews that result in hard numbers. L&E uses our thorough recruiting methods to find you the perfect respondents and facilities specially designed to carry-out your custom research. We have the latest technologies and survey methods to help you pinpoint the right solutions for your products and services.

WiFi-supportedL&E FACILITIES

L&E’s suite of focus group facilities allows your company’s creativity to soar. Conference rooms are designed to host virtually any kind of quantitative research project. We have conference rooms of all sizes, some large enough to accommodate 50 or more people. The rooms have all the wireless and audio/visual technology you need, as well as fundamentals like whiteboards, corkboards, wall ledges, and more. High-definition video recording and video streaming are available upon request. Comfortable viewing rooms and client lounges, with WiFi-supported work areas, keep you productive.


  • Central Location Testing: Face-to-face surveys with exactly the respondents you need for research studies that include:
    • Dial Testing
    • Shop-Alongs
    • Music Studies
    • Packaging Tests
    • Product Tests
    • Web Assisted Recruiting
  • Human Factors Studies: How people use your product – really
  • In-Home Product Placement: The real test – does it work at your customer’s house?
  • Mock Trials: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Jury simulations preview reactions of typical jurors
  • Telephone Interviews: Talk to the right respondents located throughout the United States

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I had a great experience. The staff was very helpful.

UX Researcher
Major Bank

Recruiting was spot-on and the in-field support was flawless (as always)!

Specialty Market Research Company

Recruiting team does a great job, even with challenging recruits.

Specialized Healthcare Consulting Firm

Every time I work with L&E, I always have a great experience. All recruiters are friendly, helpful, listen to what you want and get the job done.

Market Research Firm