Elevating Insights: Discover L&E Research’s Cutting-Edge Facility in Denver

L&E Research has expanded its footprint with a new state-of-the-art facility in Denver, Colorado, perfectly positioned in the vibrant heart of the Glendale neighborhood. Known as 'The Mile High City,' Denver offers a backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains and a bustling metropolitan vibe. L&E's facility enhances this dynamic setting by providing top-notch amenities tailored for market research.

This new facility is strategically located at 720 S Colorado Blvd., placing it within easy access of downtown Denver and a mere 40-minute drive from Denver International Airport. The area around the facility boasts an array of dining and entertainment options, contributing to an enjoyable experience for clients and participants alike.

Exterior view of the new Denver facility at sunset

April Adventures: Atlanta to Austin and All Around

Several members of team L&E attended the Insights Association’s Annual Conference and IIEX North America this past April. We wanted to share our takeaways from these two wildly different events.

IA’s Conference was a collaborative and hands-on event, including brainstorming workshops to ideate on a participant bill of rights, an AI policy, or actions to support accessibility. IIEX, on the other hand, was a traditional event with multiple concurrent sessions to choose from and dozens of exhibitors; the event was packed with fantastic information, if a bit overwhelming.

The 5 Advantages of Working with an ISO Certified Partner

The 5 Advantages of Working with an ISO Certified Partner In an era where worries about data security breaches and privacy violations are widespread, especially in sectors such as healthcare and finance, safeguarding sensitive information is one...