Exciting changes and innovations at L&E Research in 2024!

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Greetings and Happy New Year!
I hope that your holidays were warm and festive, surrounded by loved ones.  Here at L&E Research, the team has been resting up in preparation for what should be an exciting 2024.  It’s been quite the past few years for all of us in qualitative research: hard to imagine that the pandemic will be 4 years ago in March! So much has transpired…and so much has been changing here at L&E to adapt to that change!  I hope you will take just a few minutes to allow me to share all that is changing to better serve you.
First off, we acquired a facility in Orlando, FL!  Many of you have commented that this is a desirable market:  we have been listening and continue to explore other cities we can add to our offerings that can help you with your qualitative  research needs.  The panel in Orlando is good, and we will invest to grow and make it better.  Exciting changes are also coming to our Columbus and Denver markets…stay tuned!  We are in talks with other facilities in the US, and look forward to bringing you more locations to serve you in the coming months.
Our panel is now over 1.5 million US consumers, patients and medical professionals with national coverage, with hundreds of data points and vast background data we have been collecting in our proprietary systems since 2007 to make our panel the best in the industry.  Our dedicated team of digital marketers and community engagement professionals have been building ID verified panel in both the US broadly, and in specific cities that are in high demand .  Nashville, Chicago, LA, and Dallas are just a few of the cities we have been growing our reach for your research needs.
We also have built an extensive network of partnerships to enable us to find participants worldwide, with a dedicated team member who is focused on helping you with your recruiting and technology needs when we cannot do it ourselves. This means that in almost every major city in the US, we can help you with your recruitment needs.  With fruadulent samples running amok in our industry, causing huge data quality issues, L&E continues to invest hundreds of thousands annually towards improving this critical component of successful research:  real humans!  You may be interested in our research we conducted with participants regarding their likes and dislikes about the research industry :  we think you will find it helpful in your research design.
I mentioned patients and physicians: we are being told our biggest “secret” is our medical capabilities.  Did you know our medical team is our biggest division of recruitment!?!  Unlike other recruitment firms, our medical recruitment is led by people with actual medical experience.  Experts in drug interactions and prescriptions efficacy, clinical trial experience…tens of thousands of recruits are being provided to clients every year in on the “secret.”  This year we will be launching a new brand, L&E Health, to make more of the industry aware that high quality medical work is an email or phone call away.
Panel and our people are not our only investments: nearly $500,000 will be invested in overhauling our AV systems to provide the most cutting-edge solutions for recording, streaming and project collaboration in both our facilities, and our online Virtual Facility solution.  Over $1 million was invested in software solutions like the best automated transcription engine in the market; this will be part of our self-serve solutions we call Condux that will launch later this year.  And over $1 million more will be invested in 2024 to further expand our capabilities to connect with participants.  A leading software engineer in the research space has been brought to lead our technology innovation team, helping us roll out solutions quickly.  We’re investing to enable you to connect with participants here at our facilities, there where they live and work, or anywhere they may go that you wish to “tag along” to learn about their wants and needs.  We intend to provide you one stop shopping for all your MRX and UX needs.
We are proud to share that while our company has grown more than 5x these past 5 years, we have maintained a 99% client recommendation score.  That’s because our biggest investment is in our people, and their training.  A custom training program that every L&E’er must pass was built to emphasize productivity, communication, and empathy/relationship building, in addition to UGA qualitative courses.  Trust is not something we ask for… it is something we look to earn by investing in our team, to deliver the best solutions to you.  Based upon your feedback, we believe we are on the right track.
In this coming year we will have more announcements as we bring online new innovations in our technologies that will lead to deeper connections with participants, and more tools to research them.  Any company that needs to engage US citizens…we  intend  to show them  the best, turn-key solutions lie one email or phone call away to L&E Research.  Some have labeled us a “focus group facility company.”  We intend to show them  we are more than that… a whole lot more.  And we intend to show you that innovation is not dead in the industry: we are just getting started, and we cannot wait to share what we are building that will turn innovation and panel quality on its ear.
On behalf of everyone at L&E Research, we wish you a successful 2024, and look forward to helping you achieve that success.  I hope this information has been helpful, and gives you comfort that L&E Research is all in on being the best research solutions company, and will continue investing in our relationship.

Warm Regards,

Brett Watkins