Kristie Martin

Medical Project Manager

Logical & Encouraging

Kristie has been with L&E since spring of 2017. She has held various roles within the company from recruiting, programming, and project management. Kristie has a passion for market research and ensuring each project is as successful as it possibly can be. She uses her skills obtained in her previous roles to thoroughly and logically execute each of her projects. Kristie is a Charlotte area native who married her Air Force Veteran husband in 2013. Kristie has two children, a son and a daughter, as well as a dog named Bear. In her free time, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, camping at various campgrounds with her family, going to all of her kids’ activities and crafting.

Insights About Me

What do you like best about what you do?

I enjoy collaborating with companies to ensure our members are heard.

What is your favorite L&E core value?

Build positive relationships.

What are you passionate about?

Being genuine.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Listening to true crime podcasts

What book or movie title would best represent the story of your life?

Pursuit of Happiness

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Super speed

What is the one thing most people don’t know about you?

I played cello for many years when I was younger.