Workshop Video: Marketing to Kids in a Tech-Forward World

Market Research

Getting and keeping traction with kids requires an understanding of how they think and act, and what they respond to in product development, marketing, and communications. Kids are not just small adults; they are fundamentally different in the way they process information, in their social needs, and in the way they evaluate products.

Kids_Workshop_Presentation_SmallOn May 15, 2015, Megan Nerz and Rebecca Presler of MLN Research led a workshop on marketing to kids at L&E Research’s Raleigh facility. Their workshop, Growing Up Digital: Marketing to Kids in a Tech-Forward World, delivered expert information to help marketers:

  • Understand how today’s kids and ealier generations of kids are different – and the same.
  • Explore key insights about kids across gender, developmental stage, age, and product category.
  • Investigate how some of today’s leading marketers apply these insights to engage and retain their youngest consumers.

The video of the workshop is now available! You can also download a copy of the workshop presentation.