Denise Chiu

Project Manager

Loyal & Energetic

Always ask me about anything gardening! I’ve been gardening for years and every year you learn something new and there’s always room for growth.

I love market research because what I do makes an impacts for everyone! I love the aspect that I can make a difference in the products we use! Its exciting to help brands find their markets and user behaviors so they can target them to reach their goals.

I love spending time with my kids and friends/family. I’m always trying to balance fun and relaxation in our free time. Lately, we’ve been trying to explore the outdoors as much as possible, anywhere from the beaches to the mountains and everything in between! I love a good adventure or last minute road trip!

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Insights About Me:
If I had a superpower it would be Telekinesis.
When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer.
My favorite food is sushi or pasta!
It would be impossible for me to give up social media.
One of my guilty pleasures is binge TV shows and scrolling through Instagram following many influencers
I love to garden and cook! Tasting new dishes and exploring new flavors with my kids bring on a fun tradition and experience for all of us! Gardening is soothing and stressful at the same time. It’s a love/hate relationship but obviously I love it more! And to watch my kids go pick fresh veggies that we grew and eat them is the best.