Kyle Pierce

Project Manager

Laughter & Easygoing

I love managing teams of people in general. I function much better in a collaborative environment but can still get the job done on my own if need be. I love being engaged with a project that require me to get out of my comfort zone to accomplish; this is probably why I love video games so much as there are multiple different ways to accomplish a goal.

I find playing video games to be the most interesting if I’m just trying to have “me time” Outside of the house I love being with my friends taking a stroll through the neighborhood

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Insights About Me:
My favorite food is Pizza or Mac 'n' cheese
When I was little I wanted to be a Major League Baseball Catcher
If I had a superpower it would be Time travel of teleportation
One of my guilty pleasures is Video Games - I get lost for hours if I don't stop myself
It would be impossible for me to give up my family, pizza and mac 'n' cheese