Mary Hayes

Database Marketing Specialist

Loving & Exacting

I love house plants as well as gardening and have gained the ability to identify most of them by sight. I currently have 50+ in the house.

I also love working for L&E because I’m presented with something different every day. I really enjoy the connections we make with our clients as well as each other as we grow through new challenges and find success.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time at the aerial studio and climbing as well as doing flips. I have been training on aerial silks and other aerial apparatus for 8 years now and I truly believe that life is more fun upside down!

My husband and I have two dogs named Onyx and Nacho who keep us on our toes as well at home. We wouldn’t trade anything for this fur-covered, slobbery, world.

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Insights About Me:
If I had a superpower it would be teleportation - so many problems could be solved!
I wanted to be a singer and actress when I was little.
My favorite food is any kind of noodles - italian or asian style - I will gobble them up!
I wouldn't be able to live without noodles of course.
I sang in a rock band in high school that played at the Virginia Beach Van's Warped tour.
My guilty pleasure is candy like lollipops, Skittles or gummies.