Traci O’Rourke

Senior Project Manager

Loyal & Easy-Going

I have spent the majority of my career in consumer marketing working with large corporations and consumer packaged goods. Market research gives me an entirely different view on the development of products and services. I love assisting clients with the challenge of finding the right people to provide them relevant insights. Seeing a product or service I have worked on make it to market is extremely rewarding!

I love Disneyworld! My husband calls me a DisNerd. I’ve been so many times and still love it as much as I did when I was a kid. Perhaps when I retire I’ll get a job wearing a big Mickey hand waving goodbye to park visitors as they leave.

I enjoy traveling with friends and family, I read excessive amounts of books, and I am a huge movie buff. I am also a big Carolina Panthers fan. I lived in Charlotte when they were awarded the franchise and I went to the inaugural game which was held at Clemson (that’s the only reason I would be at Clemson…I am a proud South Carolina gamecock).

I dream of a day when I can retire and live by the ocean. I am blessed to live within a few hours of the beach and never miss a chance to pop over even for a day trip.

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Insights About Me:
If I had a superpower, I’d love teleportation to travel the world!
When I was little, I wanted to be a writer (for People magazine specifically). I still dream of writing a novel one day.
My favorite food will sound disgusting to some people but I love french fries with mayonnaise.
It would be impossible for me to live without my best girlfriends. They keep me sane.
Every year I watch all of the films that are nominated for an Academy Award (at least in the major categories). I LOVE movies!
One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality TV