From Chat GPT to Gen Z: Key Takeaways from our Time at CRC

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From Chat GPT to Gen Z: Key Takeaways from our Time at CRC

This year’s CRC conference provided us with valuable lessons in steering growth amid uncertainty. The event was designed exclusively for insight leaders and professionals seeking career advancement by delving deeper into economic, environmental, and social influences on market research. We all actively gathered and shared enlightening insights, highlighting evolving industry trends and emphasizing the growing necessity for adaptability. Here are our key takeaways:

Collaboration Trumps Competition

Throughout the conference speakers emphasized the paradigm shift towards collaborative thinking and away from competitive thinking. In this era, where community-generated brands are on the rise, finding a common ground is key. Brands should focus on personality and values rather than traditional data-based demographics, indicating a move towards community-centric engagement.

The Role of AI in Market Research

While AI is set to play a pivotal role in market research, maintaining a balance with human involvement is essential to keeping uniqueness alive. Our attendees noted that AI on the respondent side is still a work in progress. Figuring out how to identify and prevent Chat GPT usage is swiftly becoming more of a concern. Currently, AI detection relies on practical tips such as recognizing language patterns, asking for opinions or emotions, navigation protection, and copy/paste protection in programming builds. Even employing swear words, a tactic unavailable on platforms like Chat GPT due to restrictions, proves remarkably effective. However, given the rapid pace of AI advancements, it’s uncertain how long these methods will remain effective. 

Building Trust Through Transparency

The importance of trust between the industry and consumers emerged as a recurring theme; with the consensus being that it is earned through transparency, and honesty about how company objectives will affect future projects. The insights sector was urged to align on the definition of transparency, their goals, and values. Stakeholder biases should be understood, progress on sustainability issues shared, and transparency promoted both internally and externally for a better client-side relationship. 

Targeting Gen Z Differently

Understanding and engaging Gen Z requires a never-before-seen approach. This socially conscious generation values inclusivity, diversity, and mental well-being. Companies should adapt their strategies to connect with these individuals based on shared belief systems and making value-based connections as a serious and effective approach to forming connections across generations.

Strategies for Survey Success

There is nothing more frustrating than a lack of survey engagement, but the cause of survey dropouts is hardly a mystery. Quitting halfway through a survey or just not starting it, is primarily caused by a lack of engagement and frustration with poorly phrased questions. To ensure maximum response rates, CRC recommended implementing the Survey Design Framework, use clear and concise language to avoid confusion, and always make secure links for all projects a priority.

The CRC event provided us with a sneak peek into what the future may hold for market research, and what the pressing current concerns are. This felt like a hub for collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas, enabling insights professionals to navigate the complexities of their field and emerge as strategic leaders in an ever-changing landscape.