IDG – The Virtual Aisle – An Alternative Solution for In-Store Research

Market Research, Qualitative Research


Need to get in-store research done, but having trouble getting permission to get into a store? IDG’s Life-Sized Virtual Aisle creates a lifelike in-store shopping experience nearly anywhere in the world. The Virtual Aisle enables in-store methodologies such as shop-alongs, in-depth interviews, eye-tracking, observations and basket metrics. IDG is one of L&E’s trusted technology partners and together we are offering 25% off virtual aisle costs when a project is booked at one of the L&E facilities using the Virtual Aisle.

L&E will handle your recruiting and IDG will handle the Virtual Aisle service, helping you focus on your research

Informed Decisions Group’s (IDG) Virtual Aisle is a truly remarkable interactive market research tool! The Virtual Aisle is portable and can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world for researchers to create a life sized, in-store experience anywhere they like! Using eye-tracking in conjunction with qualitative interviews, IDG can extract immediate insights from shoppers’ interactions with the aisle.

With the integration of quantitative data, from mobile eye-tracking, and qualitative insights from follow up interviews and shop-a-longs, shelf and packaging decisions can be made quickly and effectively.

Some of the featured of IDG’s Virtual Aisle –

  • 6 x 10 foot portable screens for life sized, scaled projections
  • Ability to project high resolution images that are 4x HD and up to 9.8 mega pixels
  • Rear projection to eliminate shadows
  • Ability to simultaneously test design options and easily modify stimuli
  • Faster results than in-market testing
  • Identify lead design options to test in further quantitative research or in-market testing

Additional features and tools, but not limited to –

  • Interactive Virtual Aisle
  • Package diagnostics with stationary eye-tracking/online webcam eye-tracking
  • Menu board testing & optimization
  • Biometric tools, mobile EEG and micro-expression coding

For a more in depth overview of IDG and their capabilities, watch our on-demand tech webinar by clicking here!