Isobar Overview – L&E Tech Partner On-Demand Webinar Series

Market Research, Qualitative Research


Following our webinar on emerging technologies within qualitative research we wanted to share our on-demand webinars and highlights of each of our technology partners. We are continuing on with Mindsight Direct by Isobar and Renee Wyckoff’s (our Research Design Engineer) summary of how this powerful tool shows what unlocks the motivations behind every consumer choice.

MindSight Direct by Isobar is an interactive emotional market research platform that can not only tell you what consumers are saying, but how they are feeling! It can even tell you what consumers will not say, or cannot seem to put into words by measuring their emotional response. Since decisions about products and services are made based on rational and emotional drivers, we need to know both in order to turn the information collected into actionable results.

MindSight is unique in the sense that it takes advantage of the emotional discovery window by utilizing rapid response image selection. This technique gets right to the emotional experience, mere milliseconds before rational thought has a chance to pop in.


Features of Mindsight Direct
• Respondents engage in the MindSight exercise as a “sentence completion” task
• Reponses are coded into the MindSight Emotional Profice
• After images are collected, words are then collected to determine which are associated most with the images
• MindSight can be used for a variety of testing needs – category exploration, package and product testing, brand assessment, ad testing, website testing, etc.

For a more in depth overview of Mindsight Direct by Isobar and their capabilities, watch our on-demand tech webinar by clicking here!