Big Room, Big Research: Why Research Room Size Matters!

Focus Groups, Market Research, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Technology

In the ever-evolving world of business, market research plays a crucial role in understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and trends. To conduct effective market research, having access to a large multipurpose space can provide numerous benefits. L&E Research has taken significant measures to optimize its Denver facility space by implementing convenient location, versatile space layouts, and state-of-the-art amenities.

L&E’s strategic decision to establish itself in the heart of Downtown Denver brings numerous advantages. Located near Union Station and the 16th Street Mall Ride, employees, clients, and research participants benefit from easy access to public transportation and seamless connectivity. This convenient location not only reduces commuting stress but also promotes efficiency in coordinating events. 

Recognizing the need for flexible research arrangements, in addition to three standard rooms on the upper level, the Denver facility boasts a large multipurpose area that can accommodate various layouts and larger groups of people on the lower level. Market research often involves gathering feedback from a diverse group of participants. With a large multipurpose space, researchers can accommodate larger groups of people, allowing for more comprehensive and representative samples.

A picture of a Sensory area in Denver L&E Research

The multipurpose nature of the space allows for the creation of various setups to suit different data collection methods. Whether it’s focus groups, usability or product testing, or mock trials, the space can be easily transformed to meet the specific requirements of each study. For quantitative research, researchers can set up computer stations for online surveys or utilize tablets for mobile data collection. In the case of qualitative research, the space can be equipped with comfortable seating arrangements and audiovisual equipment for in-depth interviews or focus groups. Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) can be utilized to create immersive simulations, allowing participants to interact with products or environments. The space can accommodate installations of interactive displays or prototype testing areas, providing a realistic and engaging research experience. This versatility enables researchers to create immersive and realistic settings, leading to more accurate and meaningful insights.

Recognizing the importance of food and beverage product testing, the Denver facility incorporates a fully equipped test kitchen, allowing businesses to evaluate and refine their culinary offerings, ensuring they meet the desired standards of taste, quality, and consistency. To add a touch of luxury and convenience, the Denver facility features a full wet bar for beverage testing, including prep counters, sink, faucet, and two keg taps, mimicking an in-context setting to gain deeper insights. The test kitchen and the wet bar are valuable resources for developing new products, conducting sensory evaluations, and gathering consumer insights.

Picture of the Denver Sensory rooms

Understanding the significance of gathering unbiased opinions, L&E’s Denver facility is ideal for conducting mock trial research. Seating can be arranged to accommodate up to forty mock jurors for presentation, with four available rooms for breakout and deliberation sessions. Whether one seeks a formal meeting environment or a more relaxed setting, the facility provides well-designed living rooms and conference rooms. These spaces are conducive to hosting discussions, presentations, and collaborative sessions.

A large multipurpose space provides invaluable benefits for conducting market research. The flexibility, accommodation of larger participant groups, versatile setups, observation capabilities, enhanced collaboration, and opportunities for innovative research approaches all contribute to more comprehensive and insightful findings. By utilizing a dedicated multipurpose space, brands can enhance their understanding of consumers, make data-driven decisions, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

 Do you need a large facility space somewhere other than Denver? Look no further – L&E has oversized rooms available in CincinnatiRaleighTampa,  and New York City! L&E’s centralized processes assure a consistent facility experience across all locations – let us handle the logistics while you focus on conducting high-quality research!