Renee’s Takeaways – Q2 Quarterly Roundup

Insight Communication, Market Research, Qualitative Research, Technology


1. Regarding sharing qualitative insights – When we share our insights with clients, we want to keep it fresh, and keep them engaged throughout our journey. We heard directly from our expert panel during our June webinar “Qualitative Analysis and Insight Communication” about their experiences, and things they’ve learned. Here are just a few –

  • Be sure to incorporate the use of multimedia to keep your presentation interesting.
  • If you can, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Immerse yourself in their experience, go through their exercise, walk through it the way they would. By doing this, not only do you have the data to share, but you have a unique perspective to share your insights.
  • Do not just plow through your insights! Take some time to consider the room dynamics, and be prepared to pivot on the fly based on that.
  • Use tools such as social media listening tools, and the like. These tools can help pour through thousands of reviews and analyze them quickly to get to some rich insights.
  • Try to dig deep into what the client already knows. That way, you are only delivering fresh insights, and not repeating what they’ve already heard.
  • Try seeing your clients as partners, and seeing them as part of the team. This creates a comfort level with asking questions that may seem uncomfortable.
  • Supply your client with leave-behinds, brochures, videos, things that get people engaged and can travel through the company on their own, after the presentation.

2. Regarding engaging with qualitative research study participants – We all know that participants like to be incentivized for sharing their opinions, and that is not going away any time soon! BUT, what we’re finding, is that there are many other reasons why people participate. They actually like sharing their opinions, most people do! They want to feel that what they’ve shared matters, and is contributing to bigger decisions being made about a product or service. So many others, stay tuned!

3. Regarding the IIEX Conference – I had the opportunity to attend the Insight Innovation Exchange in Atlanta in June. I saw some amazing presentations, as well as some new up and coming technologies for MR. Really exciting stuff!

4. Regarding recruiting and project specifications – Something that I’ve learned, many times over and over again, is to always have a plan B! We all want the perfect recruit, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. It’s always a good idea to have your plan B from the very start. Take a good look at your specs and your screener, and try to anticipate where you might run into snags, and have your back-up plan in place to keep your recruit moving along smoothly.

5. Regarding feeding your brain! – Here at L&E, we have an internal learning system which is meant for both professional and personal enrichment alike. In the MR world, we need to be sharp in order to be the best partners to our clients. Here are a few things I learned from one of our recent modules –
• Maintaining an active social life can impact your brain’s health
• Taking the time to visit a new place, or read a new book will keep your brain engaged
• The food you eat affects your brain! Check out this quick video from a TED talk by Mia Nacamulli 
• Exercise improves blood flow and oxygen to your brain
• And last but not least, something we all know, and can’t seem to get enough of, SLEEP!!

Until next time!

Your Research Design Engineer at L&E,

Renee Wyckoff