Recipe for the perfect qual panel: Step Five

To ensure the success of your qualitative research, maintaining high-quality control is imperative across all industries. But don't worry, you've made it this far. By following the next steps, you'll be well on your way to creating a top-notch qualitative panel. We'll be exploring the dual realms of professional and government verification, emphasizing meticulous scrutiny in various fields, from healthcare to business research.

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From Chat GPT to Gen Z: Key Takeaways from our Time at CRC

This year's CRC conference provided us with valuable lessons in steering growth amid uncertainty. The event was designed exclusively for insight leaders and professionals seeking career advancement by delving deeper into economic, environmental, and social influences on market research.

2023 Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago

Recipe for the perfect qual panel: Step Four

Recipe for the perfect qual panel Step Four: Recruitment at Its Best  So, you’ve assembled your perfect panel, what now? Now, it's time to ensure that your panel not only reflects the diversity of the groups you're studying but also guarantees...

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​6th Annual Future Trends of Market Research and Technology

For the 6th consecutive year, industry experts from Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Greenbook, and L&E Research gathered to discuss the state of the market research industry and its challenges, particularly in relation to data quality and authenticity.

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Recipe for the perfect qual panel: Step Three

Recipe for the perfect qual panel Step Three: Quality Qualitative panels  This is probably one of the most important ingredients in our recipe: the panel. After exploring the planning phase and looking at the importance of good project...

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Living Our Core Values

In June, the Consumer Operations team decided to participate in a community outreach program during our team time at the retreat. Our goal was to spread kindness and positivity to our local community, specifically to the veterans at the VA...

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